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Max Glenister Interface Designer &
Front-end Developer

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Current RoleLead UX & Front-end Developer, Aris Technologies

In my current role, I design and implement responsive user interfaces for various projects such as casino games, account management pages, and anything else I can lend an insightful hand to.

While I cannot provide extensive details on my current UI design projects, some of the highlights include the following:

A preview of the 'Icon Set' project

Icon Set

A preview of the 'Chat UI' project

Chat UI

A preview of the 'Deposit UI' project

Deposit UI

A preview of the 'Casino Menu' project

Casino Menu

Send me an email if you want any more details about my current role.

Virtual Reality

Since 2015, I have been actively involved in the field of Virtual Reality, honing my skills in VR development and VR UX curation.

Through my extensive experience, I have delivered a series of talks on developing VR experiences using modern web technologies, as well as my personal achievement of creating a new VR project every day for an entire month.

Visit my VR page for more information about my VR work and blog articles.

UI Design

Browser Extensions

Icon Design

Game Design

I enjoy exploring the creative possibilities of small game engines, such as Pico-8. I appreciate the challenges that the engine’s limitations pose, and I find it rewarding to find ways to work within them.

I also enjoy using modern web technologies to build games that can be played anywhere that has a web browser.

Everything Else