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Max Glenister

UX & Front-end developer from Oxford, UK

I'm working as the Lead UX & Front-end developer at Aris Technologies.

When not creating websites, I spend my time writing about technology and thinking about the UX of VR.


You can find more of my projects on my Projects page, or my GitHub profile.


You can find more examples of my web design work on Marmalade & Jam.

More about me

I started Dingoonity.org in 2009, Dingoonity is an online community centered around a Chinese games console called the Dingoo A320, and the development of software for the Dingoo A320. Today Dingoonity sees over 60,000 visitors per month.

In 2012 my wife and I founded a web design company, Marmalade & Jam. We deliver high-quality bespoke websites for local businesses.

I blog about technology, and have organised a handful of hack days. (SusHack, Game Dev Day).


I write frequently on my technology blog, some examples:


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