A photo of Max Glenister

Max Glenister

UX & Front-end developer

I'm working as the Lead UX & Front-end developer at Aris Technologies in Oxford.

When not creating websites, I spend my time writing about technology and thinking about the UX of VR. Through-out October 2016 I made something each day for Google Cardboard.


A preview of UI/UX of VR


A list of resources about the UI/UX considerations for VR

A preview of Cardboctober


Creating a VR hack each day in October using JavaScript for Google Cardboard

A preview of Install all Firefoxes

Install all Firefoxes

A script to install all the versions of Firefox side-by-side on OS X

A preview of LightDM Chrome OS Theme

LightDM Chrome OS Theme

A ChromeOS-esque theme for LightDM

You can find more of my projects on my Projects page, or my GitHub profile.


A preview of Dingoonity


Founded in 2009, Design, Build, PHP, SMF

A preview of SusHack


Started 2013, Design, Build, Sass, Jekyll, RWD

A preview of Weekend Thing

Weekend Thing

Founded, Design, Build, Sass, Jekyll

A preview of Alyn Shipton

Alyn Shipton

Design, Build, PHP, Sass, Wordpress

A preview of Brakspear's Ale Trails

Brakspear's Ale Trails

Design, Build, Sass, Jekyll, RWD

A preview of Brakspear's Bell Street Brewery

Brakspear's Bell Street Brewery

Design, Build, Bolt CMS, PHP, Sass, RWD

You can find more examples of my web design work on Marmalade & Jam.

More about me

I started Dingoonity.org in 2009, Dingoonity is an online community centered around a Chinese games console called the Dingoo A320, and the development of software for the Dingoo A320. Today Dingoonity sees over 60,000 visitors per month.

In 2012 my wife and I founded a web design company, Marmalade & Jam. We deliver high-quality bespoke websites for local businesses.

I blog about technology, and have organised a handful of hack days. (SusHack, Game Dev Day).


I write frequently on my technology blog, some examples: