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The UX of VR

2015 - present

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Content Curation UI Design UX VR UX Virtual Reality Website Design Website Development


Automation GitHub IFTTT Jekyll Node.js


In 2015 I began curating a list of Virtual Reality UX resources. The list included articles, videos and slides from talks.

In 2016 I moved the growing list from a simple text-based list on GitHub to a complete website.

I classified and grouped all of the curated content on the website and added the capability to keep track of which resources you have viewed.

Through 2017 I added a lot of resources to the website. Through a combination of automated IFTTT routines, GitHub issues and some automation scripts, I created a smooth process for discovering, consuming and curating great VR UX resources.

In 2018 I stopped curating new content for the list. In its present state, it is a detailed compendium of best practices and tutorials for creating great User Experiences in Virtual Reality.

The UX of VR has been shared hundreds of times on Twitter. Referenced extensively in VR publications on- and offline and is used frequently as a starting point for many VR UX courses.

There’s even a spin-off website for the UX of Chat Bots inspired by the design and structure I created for The UX of VR,

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