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I gave this talk at JS Oxford in November 2015. The talk is about using JavaScript and various web APIs to create Google Cardboard experiences.

I wrote the slideshow framework from scratch for the talk, using marked.js, three.js and custom JavaScript.

If you want to see the talk, you can find a recording on my blog and view the slides online

Demonstrating the technology

To accompany the talk, I created some demos; You can view these online at blog.omgmog.net/jscard.xyz. These are best viewed in Chrome on an Android device but should work fine in Chrome on Mac/Windows too.

  • Basic VR
    You find yourself in a room with a mysterious spinning cube in front of you.

  • Look Interaction
    Find the small food icon that matches the big food icon.

  • Using GetUserMedia
    Be amazed as a screen displays your camera feed in VR.

  • Spatial Audio
    The audio moves from one speaker channel to the other as you look around.

To present the demos live, using an actual device, I used the Chrome extension/Android application Vysor. Vysor allows you to stream your phone’s screen over USB (via ADB), which works well.

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